A HIGHLY entertaining exhibition game between top level players Patrick Rooney and Connor Sheen delighted spectators at Kendal Squash Clun this week.

The challenge match, the latest event in the club's 50th anniversary celebrations, saw the emerging young professionals take part in a display of lung-busting rallies, tight drives, fast volleys and exquisite drop shops.

The exhibition match went the full distance with Rooney taking the first game, Sheen the next two and Rooney hauling the match back all the way to a ‘sudden death’ one point shootout at two games all, ten all.

Good natured banter between the players, the marker and the crowd provided a test for Kendal’s Club Champion Ben Welton who refereed the match.

In the build up to the exhibition, some of the club members got the opportunity to take part in group coaching sessions, before Sheen took on Kendal’s Ben Welton and Rooney played Kendal’s David Barber.

Both home players gave a good account of themselves but the gulf in class was clear.

“The court is in superb condition and it’s been a pleasure to play here,” said Sheen.

And Rooney added: “It’s been a pleasure to come to come to a club with such a good, friendly atmosphere and a knowledgeable appreciative audience.”