A DEADLY duo of Kendal Judo Club DiSE team members came back with well deserved medals following a trip to Wales.

Nathan O’Sullivan and Leonie Dale took part in the Welsh Open in Cardiff at the weekend and did the club and the area proud.

O'Sullivan started well with a quick full point inner thigh throw against Benedict Maclennan-Patton from Clyde.

His next contest took a little longer but in just under two and a half minutes another well executed throw against Joseph McNeill, a fellow DiSE squad member from Middlesbrough, put him into the semi-final against eventual winner Connor Leonard from Aldershot.

O'Sullivan was thrown for the full point but came fighting back in the repechage contest to win the Bronze medal against Oliver Zair from Camberley with a full point throw knee wheel (Hiza Guruma) of his own half way through the contest.

Leonie Dale, a blue belt and DiSE squad member from Settle, had a very hard day with all her opponents holding higher grades, including a 2nd Dan, four grades higher than her.

However in the bronze medal contest Leonie was in good form beating her opponent Charlie Thomas from Cardiff with two half point throws in under two minutes.