AFTER the suspension of the league, Kendal Rugby Club has been left in a position of ‘uncertainty’ according to the director of rugby.

This comes as the amateur leagues are suspended for the rest of the season, which leaves many clubs questioning what will happen when it comes to the finalisation of the current season, and the repercussions for the following season.

Kendal Rugby Club’s director of rugby, Chris Hayton, said: “We have had to shut down completely following a decision from the RFU.

“We have to be sensible and follow these guidelines put in place.

“What this means for the clubs though is that the leagues have to be decided in another way.

“For us in particular, due to our league position, we were not in a position of promotion, so this will not really impact on us, it is the teams at the top and bottom of the table that have the issue in that sense.

“A larger league with teams being promoted but no relegation makes the most sense to me, but even then you will get lower leagues having less fixtures which means more empty weekends.”

Many clubs rely on business from weekend match days and functions such as parties and weddings which now have a question mark over them.

Chris Hayton said: “Most small businesses are getting help from the government financially now, and there is a question over whether sports clubs actually qualify to come under that banner.

“We will probably have less functions as well because of this, and we rely heavily on them as we have become a bt of a wedding venue in recent times and this is a good source of income for us. This helps us run the leagues including the juniors and colts teams.

“I feel sorry for those who have booked weddings and have that now having a question mark over it, as years of planning go into them.

“So it is a picture largely of uncertainty. However, as soon as we have any update on what is next for the league regarding the end of this season and next, we will let the relevant parties know.”