KENDAL Town Football Club has chosen its new manager for next season, whenever that may be.

The club held a series of meetings over the previous week to determine who would fill several vacant roles.

In a statement released by Kendal Town FC chairman Barry Hughes, Gary Fawcett was named as the new manager.

First team coach John Foley was previously appointed as interim manager for the club, and will now return to his role as coach.

Mr Hughes said: “Kendal Town are pleased to announce that Gary Fawcett has been appointed as manager for season 2020/21 with John Foley as first team coach.

“Gary and John were part of the management team during last season and the committee felt these appointments would give the players continuity.

“Recruitment of a management team and players was always going to be difficult in the light of a perceived shortened season the start of which is still completely unknown.”

Gary, who is from Ulverston, has taken over the position after the former manager Steve Edmondson was forced to step down as manager.

The club has also announced the election of a new vice chairman.

“Jay Rossi has been elected as vice chairman and all other roles to complete the restructure of the clubs management have been made.

“The club eagerly awaits a start date for next season and have been heartened by the positive response from everyone so far.”

The club has been closed for the past three months due to the Coronavirus pandemic but members have been grateful to their fans and supporters who have assisted them through the lockdown.

There are now some outstanding volunteer positions in the club which will now be open for applicants.

Mr Hughes added: “Volunteers have already spent many hours at the stadium carrying out maintenance work and generally making sure everything will be in place whenever the season starts.

“The players will now start limited training ensuring compliance with Government guidelines and are very keen to get things moving.

“Details of players registering for the club will be announced shortly and altogether there is a positive feeling evident.

“Volunteer roles at the club, including matchday help, will now be identified and the club invite interested parties to contact them on”

Vice chairman Jay Rossi said: “I’m really pleased to be in the position, and we are all really looking forward to getting back to playing some football.”

The club is planning to return to training on Wednesday, June 25 in anticipation for the upcoming season which is expected to resume in the next few months.

The Kendal Town Football Club announced their decisions on their social media platforms, which were met with support and excitement from their supporters and club members.