THE IBIS’S club secretary is to be presented with a prestigious award for his lifetime of service.

Frank Routledge, 91, will be presented with a life time achievement award by The Westmorland Football Association for his services.

Frank was born in Kendal and begun his career as club secretary in 1950 and remained in the role for 70 consecutive years for Ibis Football Club.

Frank said: “I’ve had a great life and career with the club. It’s been a great life in football.

“I haven’t been told what the award is called yet, but it’s an award for a lifetime of service basically. I’ve been with Ibis Football Club all of my working life. I’ve been secretary and treasurer for a long while, I’ll be handing that over to the next generation soon.

“Many moons ago I got involved with local football and joined the club, it’s amazing seeing it change over the years. We have a junior team now; the players are getting younger and we’ve had so many victories and great moments over the years.

“The clubs changed, and so has football. It’s been incredible to watch over the years.

“Ibis has always been putting forward great junior players. I’ve seen the best come and go and I know they will continue this for many years to come.

“I ran the lines for many years for the club. I used to play back in my 20’s. It’s been a lifelong journey for me with this club. I’ll always come down to watch them. Might even run the lines again if they ask.

“It’s been an honour.”

Frank had also been the club’s linesman until his 60’s while also being involved with the many successful Ibis teams over the years.

Many who know Frank describe him as a ‘true gentleman’ and never one to raise his voice or swear.

Frank holds a long affinity with The Westmorland League Club where he continues to support the team to this day.

He joined the club after leaving school and completing his national service.

In his earlier years, he also worked as a draughtsman in the drawing office and Ibis Works.

Franks award is one of the many awards which will be presented by Association as they look to recognise all the volunteers who take their time to support the clubs.