CRICKET clubs are preparing for their chance to relaunch the season after three months of lockdown due to Covid.

The Westmorland Cricket League continue to prepare for the season after announcing their plans to start their campaign on either Saturday July 11 or July 18.

While the season has not yet been given an official date to resume, the league hopes to begin once again soon after announcing a 10-week programme of cricket.

However, following on from the announcement, league secretary Tim Mansfield released a statement addressing the situation.

Tim said: “The WCL LMC is very aware that any resumption of cricket is subject to Government and ECB confirmation and play may need to be adapted to fit with rules on social distancing.

“There was some concern last week that Government might backtrack on the early July date and it has been suggested it will be helpful for leagues and clubs to lobby MPs for them to get the game on.

“A draft email has been produced for clubs and individuals to consider sending to their MP.

“If we are not able to start until August then we will need to come up with another set of plans to provide cricket in the last few weeks of the season, however the below information sets out in detail how cricket in the Westmorland League will take place if we can start in July.

“The structure will be 10 weeks of league cricket.

“45 overs a side in divisions one and two.

“42 overs if there is a game on 19 September and 40 in Division three north and south.

“Divisions one and two will play on Saturday, division three on Sunday.

However teams also have the option to mutually agree to move a fixture to a Saturday.

“Division one and two will be split into groups of six playing home and away, seeded on last year’s finishing positions.

“Division three will play once making it in games in total.

“The winners of each group will play off for a championship trophy.

“There will be no promotion or relegation and, everything else being equal, teams will start next season based on where they were going to play in 2020”

The Westmorland Cricket league has been out of action since March this year after the Government lockdown brought an end to all sporting events.

Other sports including Football, Golf and Bowling have also been permitted to return to playing and training in various forms.

Guidelines have been released around social distancing and ensuring that the personal hygiene of members is kept.