PREPARATIONS are being made for when the Westmorland Cricket League gets the green light to resume playing.

For much of the preparations, the League Management Committee (LMC) has been the driving force.

The use of interactive technology has been instrumental to the plans made by the club.

The expected date to restart playing is July 11, however not all leagues have confirmed they will be ready at this time.

This would also have been the exact halfway point of a normal season.

The LMC had to devise a plan for a half season of cricket which coupled the cerebral aspects of league cricket with the action-packed version of the short knock out game.

Using the 2019 end-of-season tables divisions one and two will be sub-divided into two groups of six comprising one of odd numbers the other of evens.

They will play each other twice and those heading the groups will play-off for what some people are calling COVID trophies.

Divisions three and four will combine and play on a regional North/South basis with the winners of each group playing off against each other.

The T-20 knock out competitions will overlay the league programme and function as if all four divisions were in play.

They will culminate in four finals at venues yet to be decided.

However, due to the Coronavirus transferring players between clubs has been made more difficult due to the lockdown and some will be postponed for the time being.