A FAMILY in Cartmel now has one daughter who is an England international player and another who is a Manchester United junior.

Aaliyah, 11, sister to England International and Blackburn Rovers player Kelsey Pearson, has joined the Manchester United junior under 11s football team.

The youngster is following in the footsteps of her older sister and can look forward to an incredible career.

Kelsey said: “I am so proud of my sister.

“She looked up to me as I was playing. She loved watching my England games and my dad gave her the opportunity to try out for United.

“She’s succeeding so well, and I can see it growing in her. She practises every day.

“It’s amazing to see and we are all behind her every step.

“It’s an opportunity I didn’t have at that age, so we are all making sure she gets every chance to follow her dream.

“It’s lovely to see the women’s game growing like it is. A lot of people are talking about her and are really excited about her.

“She’s an amazing person and she’s going to grow as a player very well.

“I am injured at the moment so I want to make sure I can give Aaliyah the proper guidance for the game and how to not do some of the things I did.

“I would love to see her play in the women’s super league someday, and one day for England.

“Her commitments their and she’s not one to every miss a chance to train and improve herself.

“She wants this so much.”

The girls’ father Jamie Pearson said: “We couldn’t be prouder of our girls. It is all down to them with all the sacrifice and effort they’ve put in.

“We love football in this house, we always took them out to the park and to training, but in the end, you can lead a horse to water but it’s up to them to drink. It’s up to them to put the effort in to go for it and they did.

“It’s difficult for them at times. Aaliyah getting back late on Sunday nights and having to get up for school the next day.

“Having to miss out on social occasions because they’re away training, but they’re so driven they just do it.”