KENDAL saw its first cricket game played over the start of the week.

A friendly interclub brought the local team out of lockdown and back into action.

Kendal Cricket Club has finally managed to escape the three-month long lockdown and face off in the new cup group, also joined by Netherfield, Lancaster and Morecambe.

Kendal faced Morecambe in a closely contested match up on Shap road.

During the game social distancing measures were always in place for both the players and the spectators.

First team Captain Chris Millers Team defeated second team captain Paul Dodds squad in a two-game series where they played on Sunday, and again on Tuesday.

On Tuesday evening saw a Twenty-20, Paul Dodds Team posted 115. Chris Millers Team managed to reach 55/2.

The game would have gone on longer had it not been called off due to excessive rain.

The end saw Millers Team in the lead last nights on Duckworth Lewis.

Each club saw a strong turn out by their squads, and each player showed his drive had not faded in lockdown. Players Terry Hunte, Ben Phillips, Darren Nightingale, Chris Miller, Richard Dakin were all present for the first game back.

Kendal will play again on Saturday July 18 against Morecambe.