JAMAICAN international Chris Humphrey has been named as the new manager for Kendal Town Football Club.

The 32-year-old began playing for Shrewsbury Town in 2006 and previously managed Gretna FC until 2019.

The club has appointed the former Preston North End player and Jamaica International as the successor for Gary Fawcett who had to step down due to work commitments.

He will also be eligible to play.

Humphrey has already begun taking training for the squad and was impressed with the attitude and particularly the fitness of his new team.

Humphrey said: “I really enjoyed my last position in Gretna, and I was sorry things had to come to an end. But I really wanted to get back into management again. I wanted to get that experience and kickstart a career in being a manager.

“I saw that Kendal Town needed a manager and I really thought that would be a great club to start off with. It’s very close to my home in Preston and it would be a great opportunity for me.

“The potential of the club is incredible if we can get things right.

“I’ve put myself down to play, like I did in Gretna which did a lot of good. Putting your neck on the line in both departments really, because that’s what it’s all about as a manager.”

Living so close to Cumbria, Humphrey is keen to start in his new position.

“Cumbria is somewhere I’ve always liked to come to with my family," he said. "I’ve been up to Penrith and Carlisle quite a bit. It’s an amazing area and I’m glad to be a part of it. I’m glad it’s so close to my home.”

Humphrey has made than 200 appearances in his career so has a lot of experience to draw on.

“Based on my experience, and the times I’ve had with so many teams, the key factor is ‘togetherness’," he said.

"I look at how players react on the bench during games. I try and notice their reaction when there’s a goal, and who is looking genuinely invested in the game and the team. It shows that ‘togetherness’.

“With Gretna, we did have days where the Army joined us because they really harness that team spirit that we want to emulate. That’s one of the main things that brought success in the teams I have been a part of.

“This would be something I might like to try with Kendal, depending on Covid of course, but it’s something that could be of great use to us.

“I took training on the team last Thursday and I’m glad to see them back at it after the restrictions.

"We did an eleven vs eleven on Saturday and I was really impressed.

“We kept it simple with a warmup and then took them for a run. Normally you wouldn’t like to run as a footballer, especially after you’ve come from a nine to five job, but they gave their everything and their fitness was outstanding.

"I can tell I’ve got a great bunch of lads who will give it their all."