AFTER their first encounter this season Kendal and Netherfield are coming away after an impressive match with lessons to learn and excitement for their futures in the league.

The game saw Kendal come away with their first win of the season after back to back losses to Morecambe.

Winning by 68 runs in the derby game on Saturday, Kendal’s win is a sign of promising things to come.

Kendal Cricket Club captain Chris Millers praised his team’s performance.

Millers said: “We are happy with our first win this season. It was a great result for us. Starting off with two losses wasn’t great, but we were on the ball this weekend. I’m very proud of my team.

“Over the last few weeks, the first two games gave us a lot to work on, and the second game I think we played really well and really thought we should have won it.

“It felt good to see another impressive performance.

“We had a really high-level performance and it was great to see.

“It’s never an easy game no matter who we are playing against. Netherfield has some really good players, and the tables can always be turned at any time.

“On Saturday, a lot of credit should go to Toby Tyson, getting a score of 6-12. It was some of the best playing I’ve seen.”

Netherfield's Ben Barrows credited Kendal’s bowling and the pressure they brought to the game.

Barrows said: “We are enjoying being back on the pitch. Things may be a little be different, but we are still getting a lot out of it.

“The games not changed which is what matters. We’re enjoying the club being back in action and the summer in general.

“We’ve got loads of people turning up at Netherfield.

“Of course, the game was a bit of a tough pill to swallow really, it was quiet an emphatic defeat, and we aim to put it right this Saturday.

“I think the bowlers did their job well. I really look forward to what they can bring in the coming weeks.

“We learned quite a few lessons and identified a few things that we need to put right before the next game.

“It’s better that we learn them now so we can fix them.

“Kendal did bowl very well, applied a lot of pressure and didn’t really give us much chance to answer back.

“We didn’t get a lot of opportunities to score, and then we began losing wickets in large chunks which was disheartening.

“We have a T20 on Friday at home which is always good.

“Playing at home is always what you prefer, and to have some good weather with it as well.

“We are really looking forward to this weekend because we will get the chance to put things right against Kendal. Anything we didn’t do last weekend we will put together on Saturday.

“I’m really proud of everyone. They are working really hard and putting the effort it, I know they’re eager to get back to it.”