Club Captain Ben Barrows predicts an exciting future for his Netherfield charges after they picked up their fourth win of the season against Morecambe.

Netherfield have been on fire since cricket resumed following lockdown, and the skipper is delighted with how his side have been playing.

He said: "We batted first which was a good thing for us. It was a warm day and the batting went really well.

"It was a good performance from Brad Earl and Finlay Richardson in the middle. Oli Wileman put in a great effort as well which contributed.

"It was very much a team effort, but Theo Gallagher deserves a lot of respect from that game.

"It was a great team performance all round."

Attention now turns to Blackpool this weekend, and a big return clash with Morecambe on Saturday.

"We have Blackpool away this Saturday, and a final group game against Morecambe again on the Sunday.

"These will be some reasonably big games for us.

"I think all the bowlers really stood out with us.

"Joel Derham deserves a mention as well. He did a great job for us as well.

"It's all about the confidence and just having the drive to win, and my guys are showing that. I'm seeing it from all of them.

"It's a great way to start the season.

"As the season's gone on I've seen a lot of development from everyone. We've been trying to give all the lads the chance to prove themselves, and they've all taken it.

"Morecambe were a good side as always. They've got some new players we noticed, and they have made themselves favourites this year.

"To beat them was very satisfying. We showed that despite having a young team we can still give you a good game."

Netherfield will next play at home on Sunday against Morecambe at 2pm. A BBQ will be on offer, and the bar will also be open for visitors.