WINDERMERE saw a fleet of traditional boats set sail in the first event of its kind held by local sailing society.

South Windermere Sailing Club organised their first ever ‘Old Gaffers Regatta’ event on Saturday, August 15 which saw a collection of vessels cross the iconic waters.

Six traditional sailing boats in the club’s new fleet crossed the lake from Fell Foot and enjoyed a picnic before making the return journey.

The fleet was accompanied by club members in cruisers and dinghies, as well as appropriate safety measures.

The club is looking to put on similar exhibitions and events in the future.

The term “Old Gaffers” refers to the distinctive sailing rig of traditional boats, including gaff, lug and spritsail rig.

The club’s fleet included Drascombe and Deben Luggers, Cornish Crabber and Cornish Coble, Artic Tern, Sea Otter and several others.

Jeremy Lambert, South Windermere Sailing Club's old gaffer fleet captain is hoping more events can be arranged despite the current Covid arrangements.

He said: “The Old Gaffers Regatta had been in our diaries for some months, and I know all the fleet members were looking forward to getting together and sailing as a fleet.

“On the day, the turnout was super and we were all able to enjoy a day out on the lake. The lack of wind enabled us to sail, row and motor together and also enjoy each other’s company.

“As a group we could all see the potential for developing the Old Gaffer fleet’s activities.

“The 2021 event is already in our thoughts and hopefully the Covid situation will allow for a more publicised event that would enable other old gaffers from the north of England to come and join us.” For more information on the South Windermere Sailing Club, go to