KENDAL Town manager Chris Humphrey has praised his side for their efforts after claiming their first win of the season.

Tuesday night's 1-0 home win against the City of Liverpool followed a battling 0-0 draw in the Cumbrian derby against Workington Reds on Saturday.

Humphrey said: “As a manager I am so proud of my boys.

“My lads deserve those points.

"They were outstanding against Workington, who are probably one of the best in the division, and they played really well.

"When you’re playing against the big boys you need to put your heart into it and that’s what they did.

“At the end of the day they showed they have the skills to stand up to such a team.

"It’s a great result for them and for the club.

“We finished 19th last season and now they are holding off Workington this year.

“I told them we can’t have one good performance without following it up with another, and against Liverpool they proved what they can do.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to get four points from three games.

“I can’t ask for any more from what they’ve given me.

"This is a really positive start.

“Bacon has been fantastic since going back into net. He was man of the match against Workington and he had a great game against Liverpool.

“Hodgson did brilliantly. We only got the go ahead to get him playing on the day of the game.

“He’s a very good player. We are buzzing to have him with us. He showed what he’s about and hopefully we’ll see much more from him.

“Workington and Liverpool had some good chances to score, but they couldn’t do it. They just couldn’t get past my boys.

“Our younger players are understanding what they need to do. It’s what I love about them. They have the desire to learn, the attitude and they are a team on and off the pitch.

“Until the last minute we stayed in the game.

“Even in the 76th minute anything can happen.”

Humphrey was injured during the match against Workington with a suspected hamstring injury.

“I’ve unfortunately picked up an injury so I may be out for a little bit," he said.

“But the squad has shown they don’t need me. They’ve got it themselves. Also, if I’m benched that means another lad can get on the pitch.”

The Kendal manager expressed his gratitude for the support from those behind the scenes at the club, including vice chairman Jay Rossi and assistant manager John Foley.

“John has been fantastic," he said. "He understands the game and he’s fantastic with the lads. I learnt from him and it’s a great partnership we have.

“Jay has been a great vice chairman for me and we are working together so well. He gives us everything we need and he’s a great man to have on your side.”