KENDAL Town boss Chris Humphrey has praised goalscorer Hugo Rodriguez after his strike earned the Mintcakes their third victory of the season.

A goal from the newcomer was enough to bag a 1-0 win for the Cumbrian squad against Pickering Town.

It was their third win in five games and moves them up to seventh place in the league.

Humphrey said: “Hugo stood out a lot. We are really happy with him.

“He’s come in and he’s changed the way we play for the better. He’s got real height for one, and skill with the ball.

“Something that he really deserves credit for is his attitude off the pitch. He’s like a father figure for the younger guys and is really motivational. He embodies what I hope to be as a player and a manager.

“He is a fantastic role model for the guys, and he leads by example. He puts in an unbelievable work ethic which we love to see. He’s got a great future."

Humphrey also reserved praise for goalkeeper Morgan Bacon.

“Morgan has been brilliant as well," he said.

"He has been fantastic for us. He played at a high level before this and that shows with us now. He is constantly defending his net and keeping us safe while we are trying to score.

“Everybody played their part, and he is a massive part as to how we are keeping our clean sheets.

“Seeing the lads in the back four dive for the ball and put their bodies on the line is why we are having the success we are having at the moment. It’s why we have got these points because these guys care about the game.

“Even if you’re only winning by one nil, the other team are going to throw everything at you, but they are still working hard until the end. They don’t let themselves get too comfortable or think that it’s over just because we’ve scored. They keep defending until the end.

“Morgan got a knock on his head this week as well but he got up like a trooper and finished the game. I was very proud of him.

“He’s a tough lad. The back four protected him and dug deep. They didn’t let Pickering have their way or get away with things in our area.

“For me as a manager, I don’t take much notice of league tables and where we are.

“People always ask me ‘why are you not buzzing about the results’ but it’s just the way I’ve always been. The second that game is gone I’m now thinking about the next one and looking ahead.

“Since the last game, I celebrated the result, but we need to focus on our next challenge, in this case against Brighouse Town."

Kendal Town held a trial game on Tuesday which saw them with 22 new potential players.

A fan forum is also scheduled to be held at the Kendal Town club after the Brighouse Town match on Saturday. The forum will allow fans to pose questions to a panel of committee members, coaches, and players.