RUGBY clubs have learnt that they may need to wait until next year before they are able to return to the pitch.

As the second lockdown restricts society once again, Rugby teams across the country may have to wait until September 2021 before they can find themselves playing competitive Rugby.

Since November 2, sport facilities were closed, although exercise could still take place in public outdoor spaces.

However, restrictions would still affect indoor and outdoor spaces.

This included sport facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, golf courses and driving ranges, dance studios, climbing walls and climbing centres, and archery, shooting ranges and Rugby clubs.

Kendal Rugby Club chairman Stephen Green said: “It is unfortunate, but it might very well be true that we cannot see another competitive game until at least September.

“It is very disheartening, but it is the situation we are faced with.

“After nearly eight months of being unable to play we understood that it would likely be this way for a while longer.

“We hoped it wouldn’t be as far as September but that is the way it may turn out.

“While nothing has been confirmed plans are being made for clubs to play a sort of modified version of Rugby.

“It would be scaled back a bit and take a lot of the contact out.

“For example, we wouldn’t have a scrum and no mauls.

“There would be line outs and some rooks to a certain level.

“If it actually happens it would look very different to the games we are used to. But it is a step forward.

“We don’t know if it will be approved yet and there is still much that needs discussing.

“It’s all speculation at the moment but possibilities are out there for clubs during lockdown.

“It does feel a bit like we have been sent back to stage one with our path back to the pitch plan.

“At the moment we cannot do any training and there will restrictions upon returning.

“There won’t be any Rugby League or Union games until next season either.

“When we do get to return it will likely not be a competitive game. Most likely it will be a series of friendly games.

“It is possible that we will see proper games in the spring but that depends on how the situation around the country unfolds.

“A lot of this is conjecture but in times like this it’s the only thing that people have to go off.

“We as a club are desperate for some action.

“I know the lads are keen to get a game as soon as possible and its hard knowing that they may not get a chance to.

“It’s amazing to think that it’s been since mid-March we have our last proper Rugby.

“Eight months without this sport is difficult but we as a club will get through it.

“Sadly, the kids can’t play either. They were able to train and have a mess about on the pitch recently but since lockdown mark two came in all that had to stop as well.

“Like we did before, we just have to wait and see what the future brings. Maybe we will be able to get back before September but who can say at this point.”

Garry Holmes, head coach for Kendal said: “It’s back to the waiting game for us at the moment.

“We can’t train at the moment, so we decided to give the lads the month off.

“With the second lockdown hitting us all it’s important for them to get some time with their families.

“One of our guys went home to Australia to be with his family recently. It’s important as people have jobs, careers and loved ones they need to be there for.

"The coaches are also having the month off as well.

"The plan is that we will be reconvening one week before the end of this lockdown so we can plan out how we will go forward.

"Things could be completely different or they could be the exact same. We will have to wait and see but we will always remain hopeful.

"The lads have been given some space, but we hope they will use their time to stay with family and do what they need to.

"During the first lockdown we gave people little exercises to do at home, but this time we haven't done that.

"We have given individuals little things to do. For example, the hookers might work on their throwing, so we give them some ideas of what to do over the three weeks. With the second lockdown we are aware it effects everyone differently.

"We hope people just continue to support their local clubs. Not just Kendal, but all clubs. All sports. If we lose one club, we start to lose others, so we have to help each other."