KENDAL Town has announced the retention of two of its top players. The club said it Seydou Bamba and Hugo Rodriquez have been committed to the club after they were approached by other teams. Bamba received an offer from Northern Premier League club Prescot Cables and Rodriquez was approached by league leaders Ramsbottom United. Both players have been vital to the success of the club and to manager Chris Humphrey’s squad going forward. A club spokesman said: “We are delighted to announce we have retained the services of both Seydou Bamba and Hugo Rodriquez. “Both players are vital to the success of the clubs project and our future plans “Bamba and Rodriquez players had been approached by rival northern premier league clubs.” Bamba looks forward to being able to remain with Kendal and credits the coaching from Humphreys as one of the reasons for staying. He said: “I decided to stay at Kendal because I want to see where this project takes us. “I was flattered that Prescot enquired about signing me but it did not feel like the right time. If this was last season, then I would have gone. “Last year wasn’t the best, in terms of training and games. I wasn’t as fit and wasn’t enjoying it as much and I thought about leaving. “When Chris came in he was clear about what he wanted. He brought a lot of positivity to the club, the players have bought into his ethos, training has been brilliant. I feel very fit.” Bamba believes that the steps he has taken to build his career have been helped by being a member of Kendal Town. He added: “I started this journey and things have been good and I want to see where we go from here. “Being part of the manager’s plan, enjoying my football, the team playing well, gave me all the reason to stay here. “We are changing people’s minds about Kendal football club and teams are taking us seriously now. “As for future plans, obviously get into coaching and managerial side of things.” Rodriquez said: “Ramsbottom approached me to sign for them. To be honest what they had to offer was pretty attractive and would have been to anyone. “Obviously being top of the league, it would have been easy to go and play with a top achieving team, enjoy the wins and highs of playing with great players and work towards winning the league. “I thrive off being the underdog - the fight every week to pick up a point and to work together as a team to climb the table.” Manager Chris Humphrey said: “I think it’s a big statement for the club. “I’m just really happy that Bamba and Rodriquez wanted to stay. Having these big clubs come down and offer them a place and for them to turn them down in favour of Kendal is incredible.”