KENDAL Town are gearing for their return after lockdown with new coaching staff and regenerated momentum.

As lockdown comes to an end next week, the Mintcakes have been using their time to take on new staff and return with improved fitness.

Boss Chris Humphreys says the future is bright and now is a good time to be in the game.

Humphrey said: “With my boys it hasn’t really affected us like it did many others. We just carried on as normal in as many ways we could. Fair play to the boys for sticking with it and searching for fitness programs at home.

“They’ve all kept very fit and we’ve excited to get back on it.

“We’ve got a friendly against Milnthorpe at home coming up so that’ll be good. I’ll make sure everyone will get 45 minutes of play.

“It’s important they get back into the match situation before we start getting back into competition.

“We’ll be bringing in some attacking players who will bolster our options

“It’s been a good month to reorganise our team and look at things. We’ve had time to regenerate you could say.

“We have a new strength and fitness coach, Lyndsey Goodyear, who is a great addition to the club, and brought Bamba onto the coaching staff. We’ll also be announcing our new captain on Thursday.

“It’s a good time to be at Kendal FC, and all we have to do is prove that.”

Strength and fitness coach Lyndsey Goodyear, who holds a degree in sport science, will be analysing the data from the matches to improve the team’s performance.

Lyndsey said: “I can see how its difficult, and some teams have struggled. It’s hard to organise training whilst lockdown is here.

“But Kendal Town have been beasting it all the way through.

“They’ll probably be coming back fitter than when they started.

“I’ve been really impressed by the commitment.

“The way the premier league is at the moment it shows what a big influence the first lockdown had because it’s so unpredictable at the moment

“But now the Government are recognising how beneficial sport and exercise is, so it’s important to get them back in.”

Keeper Morgan Bacon says the team has not lost a step-in lockdown.

Morgan Bacon said: “It’s been tricky but we’re all still here. Still doing what we do.

“Christ has been asking us to keep fit and wants us to have be on top form when we get back.

“We may have lost our last few games before lockdown, so he wants us back onto the performances that we had toward the start of the season.

“There’s a lot of competition, more than last season. All our lads are working hard and all of us are fighting for the shirt.

“It’ll be good to get back in with the lads. Miss the banter around the changing rooms, and on the pitch.”

Emil Jaaskelainen will be saying goodbye to the club on Sunday before beginning a scholarship in the United States.

He said: “I’ve loved every minute of this. It was my first time playing proper men’s football. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more

“It’s been so different with coaches coming in, and my experience coming into it made a difference to how I could learn. I felt myself playing a bit better.

“To any future players I say just work hard and you’ll have fun, that’s the main thing. Chris and the club will take care of you.

“Thanks to all the coaching staff, to Jay Rossi, and to all the lads.”