AS lockdown continues football clubs around the country can only wonder what they could have achieved if the seasons and leagues had been available to them.

Kendal Town FC have been using their time in lockdown to continue to train when possible, attract new players and keep their players motivated in preparation for the seasons eventual return.

Most recently the Mintcakes have seen the signing of former player Shaun Gardner and James Hoskins.

Gardner had previously played for Kendal Town in the newly formed Bill Robson Cup, while Hoskins is looking forward to play in goal for the side when play can resume.

PREDICT: Kendal Town Secretary Taylor Hulme sees bright future for club once lockdown ends

PREDICT: Kendal Town Secretary Taylor Hulme sees bright future for club once lockdown ends

Kendal Town Secretary Taylor Hulme said: “Times are hard but we as a club are still strong.

“In terms of football I think we could have gone to some great places if things had been how they should have been.

“With Chris leading them I think he would have done really well for us. The way he’s taking the lead is really important and he’s doing a great job.

“Business wise we are using the time and opportunities we have well, but if things had been normal, I think we would have worked a lot more on redesigning the look of the club, getting some painting done and general renovations.

“The aim would be to make the place nicer and safer for people.

“When lockdown is over, we will continue to work on how to improve the whole match day experience for people, and how to find new ways of implementing it for everyone.

“Giving the fans the best possible time when they’re with us has been our goal since the start, and we will make it a priority when all is said and done.

“We want to tailor it to our visitors and make them want to come back. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until we can actually experience a match day before that happens.

“I’ve been the club secretary now for roughly eight months, since May last year, and even with Covid being around I can see the club is still going strong.

“I just want to make things stream line and as good as they can be for the players, the people who work here and the fans of course.

“A big target I’d like to aim for it to improve attendance as much as possible. That will be a big goal for me if we can reintroduce the club to the world after lockdown and increase foot fall as much as possible.

“We want people to come through our gates, and then miss it when they’ve left.

“For the new players we’ve seen I think they’ll do a fantastic job when they get their chance on the pitch.

“We’ve got one hundred percent faith in our players and for Chris’ leadership.

“He’s a brilliant manager who’s doing a brilliant job.

“Like to keep him in control and give him the tools he needs. He knows his team and he know how to work with them.”

The Mintcakes are hopeful that a return to play will allow them to continue on from the successful games they played in between the second and third national lockdowns.

Until lockdown formally ends Kendal Town will remain using the time it has to prepare for the future.