Kendal Town manager Chris Humphrey is putting plans in place for his players to return to action – with a Plan B if the season is scrapped.

Since Boris Johnson unveiled plans for how the country will return to normality after lockdown with outdoor activity resuming from March 29, the Mintcakes' boss has been working on detailed plans for his squad.

Humphrey said: “I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months planning how we could actually return safely.

“We’ve had so much time to plan and I think now with this news people are itching to get back to football. They miss it and they want it.

“From March 29 I will putting my lads through a fitness test, so I am hoping to get them to a certain standard.

“While we haven’t heard back from the league, we want to be ready regardless.

“We have two plans in place. If the league come back to us soon and say they’re going ahead, we’ll have Plan A, or they say no then we’ll have Plan B.

“I can understand if the league isn’t continuing but I hope they do and I think they should.

“For me personally it’s always been about the game.

“When can we play again, and when can we train again. The second I heard March 29 was the date I thought that’s our time, let’s use it.

“I hope the league starts again. We still have 25 games to play and it’s a shame to waste them. It would be waste of a season if it failed to go ahead.

“Either way I understand and respect any decision they make; there’ll be no hatred and whatever happens happens and we’ll plan from there.

“In the meantime we have made excellent progress. Our lads are going for runs, they’re doing the exercise they can and they’ve still got their head in the game.

“The way I see it is people are wanting the sport back, none more than us. The moment Boris gave the announcement I was straight away planning what we could do.

“I hope the league has done that as well and I really hope we can hear from them soon. Ideally it would be sometime this weekend maybe.”

Kendal have signed several new players and are hopeful that further announcements will be made regarding the continuation of the sport.