Kendal Town are preparing their first training sessions and have future games planned in the Bill Robson Cup – as they look to get over the curtailment of their league season.

The Mintcakes have set out their own roadmap for returning to play with warm-up games against their reserves and Kendal United.

As lockdown crosses the one-year mark, grassroots football clubs are counting down the days until the sport can continue.

And Kendal boss Chris Humphrey said the squad is excited for their return to training and their eventual first game back.

Humphrey said: “We’re excited to get back to playing.

“We will be coming back on March 30 to start training again.

"We’ll be training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We’ll be having two sessions a week to get the lads back into the swing of things.

“Training for the time being will be in groups of 10 to start with.

"I know we can come back as a full squad on March 29, but for me I want to make this return as safe as possible.

“The lads haven’t been used to training in big numbers for a while now and you don’t want big numbers straight away.

“So, we’ll be spending the initial sessions in the smaller groups.

“As well as this, a few of the lads are vulnerable or are living with family members who are vulnerable so we need to plan around that and make sure we can actually come back safely.

“That’s the highest priority for me as a manager is the safety and wellbeing of my lads.

“For the games we’ll be back together against the reserves team.

“Everyone is going to get 40 minutes a piece and we’ll have our old squad joining us as well.

“We’ve got some other games to be confirmed and we’re really up for this.

"It’s going to be good, and it’ll give the lads a taste of how things used to be. It’ll remind them that football is going to be back with them soon.

“I’m excited to execute the plans we’ve got for the club.”