TWO brothers have earned the title of Britain’s strongest men after both claimed first and second place in an elite level competition.

Tim Daglish reached first place in Britain’s Strongest Man Under 80kg, beating out 28 other competitors.

Second place was claimed by his identical twin Joe Daglish.

Both men defeated world class competition from England and Scotland during the event.

Outside their careers as body builders, both brothers work as PE teachers in Cumbrian and Lancashire schools.

Tim is the Head of PE at Queen Katherine School, Kendal while his twin brother Joe teaches PE at Carnforth High School.

To fight for the title the twin brothers had to complete through eight different events which saw them go head-to-head with not only elite level talent, but also against each other.

The event took place at two venues - the first four events at Kaos Strength gym in Preston and the final four events at Lean Body Strength club in Lancaster.

Joe pulled a World Record deadlift of 335kg while Tim pressed an 85kg monster dumbbell and then went on to load a World Record stone weighing a massive 165kg.

Other events including throwing sandbags, holding onto a car, and running with heavy frames and yokes.

Both brothers were praised for their dedication to training and their respective performances.

To this date the competition was the biggest weight class strongman show the country has hosted.

Also, in attendance were sponsors from around the world supporting the event.

Following their success at the competition, both brothers will go on to compete at the Official Strongman Games World’s Man Under 80kg in Daytona Beach, Florida in November 2021.

Tim said: "It's an incredible experience going against so many other competitors, but it’s also another thing having your brother there as well.

"Even though we're competing we're also supporting each other.

"It would have been great for us both to have that first place but first and second place is possibly the best kind of outcome we could have hoped for.

"We have two more little competitions before we go to Florida in November, and the rest of the time will be spent training. 

"After a competition it can really take it out of you for that week.

"The Strongman weight categories isn't something a lot of people really know about, but there are actually a lot of people who want to compete in Cumbria.

"Most people don't realise there are weight classes in fact. Like in boxing there are weight classes and it's growing in this country.

"Florida is going to be huge. Competitors from all over the world will be there."

Jon Hayes, Headmaster of QKS, spoke of how proud the school was of their staff members accomplishment.

He said: “We are incredibly proud of the achievement of Tim Daglish.

“As well as him being a brilliant PE teacher for our school, to have also become Britain’s Strongest Man for his category is just amazing.

“It’s great to be able to celebrate the achievements of other members of The Queen Katherine family as well as those of our fantastic students.

“The next step is World’s Strongest Man.”

During the car deadlift, Tim reached a time of 49.43 seconds and claimed five points to reach sixth place, and during the sand throw event he threw all six bags and claimed 10 points which took him to first place.

Joe took ninth place in the sand throw event, and fourth place in the car deadlift hold with a time of 52.87 seconds.

Tim now owns two world records in weight lifting after the competition.