READERS were left divided after being asked if we should turn up to work on time tomorrow if England win the Euro 2020 final.

England will face off with Italy tonight to determine the winner.

Some businesses have opted to close early today to allow their staff to get home and watch the game.

Here's what our readers had to say about heading to work in the morning:

Gemma Friar said: "No might have to await another 55 years to be in a major finals."

David Rocklffe said: "What a stupid time to play a match, money once again dictating sport for max sponsorship. Why not 3 o'clock and save millions on lost production instead over profit for a few.."

Gordon Fox said: "Of course not..What about Doctors, Nurses,Firemen,Teachers, Ambuance drivers, Police,Utility providers etc.etc and the ensuing chaos that must follow..are they all to be given the day off as well?"

Viki Mclellan said: "No. Schools are doing late opening."

Jason Bush said: "Yes, football is something you watch in your free time, should we all automatically have next day off something big happens in corrie?"