KENDAL Town FC have released a statement addressing the difficulties encountered during the George Melling truck pull charity event.

Kendal Town said: "Kendal Town Football Club would like to tell their side of the story with regards to the truck pull on Sunday.

"A lot of social media comments have been made many of which are untrue. First of all Kendal Town FC support any worthy charity and always have done contrary to what has been stated on social media.

"We care deeply for charities as has been proven with regards to George Melling’s battle with MND.

"There have also been other initiatives which we as a club have supported and we will continue to support in the future.

"The situation with regards to the truck pull was different to what has been stated.

"Here is a breakdown of what happened from our perspective:

1. The truck pull which was initially due to take place back in July was rearranged for last Sunday so initially we were all set to host the event.

2. However, 24 hours before the event we received a phone call saying that the event was going to be cancelled. We received the call late into the evening and therefore it came as a complete surprise that we saw the event take place.

3. There were talks of players from Kendal Town FC pulling the truck and when the event was initially arranged back in July that would have happened.

"However, with the event pushed into September our players were unable to commit to this as they are playing two times a week including a training session on the Thursday and had any players suffered an injury from such an event this would have impacted on the manager’s ability to put out his strongest team. We had also asked the reserve players but due to the short notice it was impossible some of which were working on the day.

"In short therefore if we knew the event was going to take place, we would have happily opened up Finneys and would have been ready for the event but as stated previously we received a call stating the event was off and therefore had not made the necessary arrangements.

"Kendal Town FC wherever and whenever possible and appropriate have supported charities and events in the past and we will continue to do so in the future."

Club chairman Jay Rossi said: "I'm very unhappy about how this situation was handled and we were not willing to put in a team who had a game coming up in such a challenge.