KENDAL Football Club Chairman Jay Rossi has made a statement regarding the situation for Mintcakes.

The statement was made on September 27 during the club's match against Trafford FC.

His speech outlined the status of the club, addressing the developments of future plans and the performance of the players.

Jay said: "Since taking on the role as Chairman of Kendal Town FC, I along with the support of a small band of volunteers have endeavoured to improve and move Kendal Town Football Club forward.

"This has not been an easy task over the past eighteen months but we feel that we are making steady progress.

"Although there are still areas to be addressed, we feel we have made great strides in many areas with improvement to the playing surface and the perimeter fence around the pitch which was in urgent need of replacement and has greatly improved the appearance of the playing area of the club.

"The club house is in the process of having a facelift while improvements have been made to the changing room showers with other projects planned.

"Off the pitch we have an excellent young manager in Chris Humphrey who has assembled a young, hungry, fit team who are professional in how they train and how they go about their games.

"I believe it is fair to say that the results haven’t reflected the performances you can see that the brand of football is very good and with a bit of luck we could have picked up more points than what we have.

"All our games have been very tight and no team has really outplayed us and the defeats have only been by the odd goal.

"We are all confident that our luck will change and the lads will get the results they deserve for the efforts they put in week in week out.

"Apart from the first team we have a reserve team that has gone through huge transformation in recent months plus good young Under 18 girls’ team as part of Kendal Town FC.

"From a sponsorship point of view, we have increased the number of companies interested in sponsoring the club, possibly more than ever before.

"We are also looking at increasing revenue streams in new ways both on match days but more importantly outside the game as no club at this level can succeed with income only generated on match days.

"As a club we have the potential to bring in extra revenue and these options are being actively pursued.

"However, despite all the progress made during difficult circumstances it is sad to say that there are still a small group of 'supporters' of the club that continue to spread negativity and hassle for the club which makes it even harder than necessary to run any football club, let alone Kendal Town FC.

"Many of these 'supporters' have chosen not to come down to support the club but prefer to undermine the club from the safety of their keyboards.

“Such actions are counterproductive and only make it more difficult for the small band of volunteers to continue to keep Kendal Town moving forward.

"As a club we welcome constructive comments from anyone with good ideas and would welcome more individuals to get actively involved in helping the club as could be seen from the request for volunteers advertised back in early July this year.

"We have a number of plans to progress the Club going forward but we can only do this if we are able to gain more support, without that extra support it makes the ambition to achieve even harder. Clubs at this level of football are totally reliant on volunteers to keep them alive.

"Once again man thanks for your continued support of your club, Kendal Town FC.

"If you feel that you would like to help to continue the progress already achieved at your club then talk to either myself or any committee member as together, we can make Kendal proud to have their team competing in the Northern Premier League."