THIS weekend saw the return of the hugely popular Kendal mountain festival.

The festival sees thousands of people descend to the town for a day of outdoor adventure through film, literature, special guest speakers and more.

The 10k trial race is an annual event which coincides as part of the mountain festival.

In a social media post, Open adventure said: "Thanks to all the volunteers, Kendal Mountain Rescue Team for the start and putting out the stile, the wonderful guys at adidas, Tom from Soundsmith, Peill and Co for making the registration venue work. Wayne Singleton for stepping up to the mic at the 11th hour."

The race saw some terrific timings, here are the top results.


1. John Battrick - 00:39:05

2. Rowan Axe - 00:39:21

3. Adam Perry


1. Hannah Russell - 00:43:34

2. Gemma Kersey - 00:43:51

3. Georgina Tindley - 00:46:59

Top age category results


FV40. Bianca Dyer - 00:51:25

FV50. Caroline Holden - 00:55:09

FV60. Kim Taylor - 01:01:57

FV70. Isobel Williamson - 01:13:44


MV40. James Parsons - 00:44:34

MV50. Craig Roberts - 00:45:41

MV60. Graham Britton - 00:55:13

MV70. Martin Wilson - 01:01:44

MV80. Jim Dean - 01:23:49