THREE South Lakes school pupils won titles at the English Schools Championships which were run on the Howgill Fells out of Sedbergh.

The runners tackled challenging, uncompromising and testing terrain, appropriate for a national event.

The South Lakes winners were Ben Kent (Lakes School/Helm Hill) in the Year 7 race, James Knox (Dallam/Helm Hill) in Year 10/11 and Mel Hyder (Sedbergh School/Helm Hill) 1st in Year 12/13, all excellent performances to become English Schools Champions.

Other strong South Lakes performers were: Yr 7: Girls - Heidi Murray (Queen Katherine/Helm Hill) -5th, Holly Monk(Kirkbie Kendal/Helm Hill) -17th.

Boys - Ben Kent (Lakes School/Helm Hill) -1st, Sam Willink (Queen Katherine/Helm Hill) -23rd, Nathan Chadwick (Queen Katherine/Helm Hill) -35th, & Jack Byrne (Queen Katherine/Helm Hill) -40th.

Yr 8/9: Girls - Sarah Thompson (Dallam) 11th, Tessa Higgs (Kirkby Stephen GS/Helm Hill), 20th.

Boys – David Goad (Settlebeck High School/Kendal) 4th, Chris Richards (Kirkbie Kendal/Helm Hill) 8th, Oliver Willink (Queen Katherine/Helm Hill) 13th, & Michael Hutchinson (Dallam/Helm Hill), 23rd.

Yr 10/11: Girls – Lauren Munro-Bennett (Kirkbie Kendal/Helm Hill) 4th, Beth Dutson (Queen Elizabeth GS/Helm Hill) 10th.

Boys – James Knox (Dallam/Helm Hill) 1st, Will Smith (Giggleswick/Helm Hill), 15th.

Yr 12/13: Boys – Alex Brown (Settle College/Helm Hill) 12th.

Girls – Mel Hyder (Sedbergh School/Helm Hill) 1st.