CHAMPION Kendal bodybuilder Helen Thwaites returned from the NPA Finals on Saturday as Miss GB Trained Figure over 40.

With only four days to go ahead of one of the biggest bodybuilding shows in the country, devastating news came in that the venue booked had gone into administration, leaving the NPA and competitors in complete turmoil.

With two days to go, organiser Michael Phillips secured an alternative venue near Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

Thwaites was invited to contest in her chosen category with entrants from all over Britain after successfully qualifying from her win six weeks ago at the Mike Williams Classic in Sheffield.

Each competitor is judged over three rounds: comparisons, compulsory poses and individual routines.

Helen, who has been Bodybuilding since 1999, said: "I am very happy to receive such a high award, I still can't believe it."

Helen competes as a Miss Trained Figure athlete which takes considerable preparation and dedication to achieve the required physique for competition.

She thanked local businesses Westmorland crossfit Gym, Frothimoon and The Salon 16 for their support.