Training is continuing in isolation for Kirkby Lonsdale RUFC’s youth teams.

Despite all rugby being cancelled, youth players from KLRUFC have banded together to create an isolation training video in which the players stay at home whilst keeping their skills sharp.

The video has been posted on the club side’s Facebook page, and includes three minutes of rugby skills.

It centres around kicking or passing a ball into an open bin, with the players encouraged to add any kind of flare they desire.

It was posted with the caption “(Isolation) Training Continues”, and was a hit with the local community, reaching nearly 100 likes.

Many commented on the post, impressed with the players continuing to train during challenging times, some even coming from other rugby clubs in the UK.

Jake Wilson plays for the under 13s side at Kirkby Lonsdale RUFC and was featured in the video. He believes it was a great idea for people to keep fit whilst staying at home.

“The coaches and the players all wanted to come together and make a video using the skills we’d learnt in training sessions and still implement them during lockdown.

“It was great because we were free to be creative and were allowed to do whatever we wanted.

“I really enjoyed doing it, it was fun to try and do something different to what everyone else was doing, and I think it’s important to stay safe and keep fit during these times.”

The message at the end of the video says: “Keep your eye in, keep fit, keep safe”, encompassing the message behind the video that all players should keep training if they can, bust most importantly should stay safe.