HAS Fabio given the game away as to who his goalkeeper is going to be in South Africa?

Or is the allocation of the number one shirt to David James meaningless?

For the first time I can remember, England go into the tournament without an obvious first choice goalkeeper.

Not a great sign for potential World Cup winners.

When you think back to teams who have lifted the trophy in the past, their success has always been based on great goalkeepers.

From Banks for England in 1966, to Dino Zoff for Italy in 1982 to Buffon for the Italians just four years ago. England's contenders don't quite fill you with the same confidence.

Regrdless of James' shirt, I still expect Robert Green to get the nod for our opener against the States a week on Saturday.

Good goalkeeper? Yes. Great goalkeeper? Probably not.

Still in six weeks time, we could all be hailing a new hero.

A few good performances and we could all be laughing at the goalkeeping concerns we had before.