Bodyguard actress Nina Toussaint-White has spoken about her nerves at adopting an American accent in her new TV series.

The British star appears in The Feed, based on the novel of the same name by Nick Clark Windo, which is set in the near future where people’s brains are directly connected to a feed which can instantly share every interaction, emotion and memory.

She said she was already nervous about playing American Kate Hatfield, the daughter-in-law of the inventor of the new technology, before she lost her vocal coach.

She told the PA news agency: “I had a bit of fear in me, we had accent coaches, one guy dumped me for Spider-Man (played by British actor Tom Holland), he texted me and said ‘Nina, Spider-Man want me back. Over text as well! At least he text me.

“It’s hard. Guy (Burnet, her co-star) lives in LA so he could pick me up on things if ever I needed it and then I had the person on the first couple of weeks and I Skyped someone later on.

“After nine months you hope that it’s right and if it’s not at least she’s consistent so whatever the accent is, she is that.”

Toussaint-White added that the show added to her qualms about social media, saying: “It saddens me how people find their validations through posting stuff on social media, it gets to me.

“I would say I did it in the past, when Facebook first came out when I was younger, wearing my heart on my sleeve, ‘I’m sad today…’ and people go ‘What’s wrong?’

“But I just think that whole world is nuts and getting back out into nature and connecting with people (is better) rather than sending an emoji.

“Also with this job the more successful you are, what comes with that is recognition and sometimes that is quite hard so it’s nice to keep things private. I don’t think we need this reliance so much.”

The Feed is on the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel at 9pm on Mondays.