Cara Delevingne has said “we’re all on this planet together” and must unite to save it.

The model and actress believes people must set aside their differences to truly understand and tackle environmental issues.

Delevingne wants fashion to become more sustainable, and inspire new habits through the industry’s influence.

The Suicide Squad star has called for a unified response to the “state of the world”, which she believes starts with love for the self and others.

Delevingne, 27, told PA news agency: “The world is so big and there’s so many people on it.

“No one is the same, we’re all different, but at the same time we’re all on this planet together. Start acting like it.”

She spoke ahead of the launch of a Samsung phone to the limits of Earth’s atmosphere for a “space selfie”.

The actress believes the idea of people coming together to be pictured in the project, with their selfies set against the phone-shot background of Earth, fittingly shows mankind’s united place on the planet.

“Anything that helps us realise that, and the current state of the world especially,” the star said.

“To me it’s about self-love.

“When people understand what’s happening with the planet, and how we’ve been treating the planet for so long, it’s all about how we treat ourselves too… How much pressure we put on ourselves, how much we put ourselves down.

“The mind can be a dangerous thing.

“I think we spend to much time thinking, in our heads, and just destroying each other.

“If people could start loving… be selfish in the way of self-love, maybe we would understand how to stop destroying the planet.”

Delevingne said that she wants her various projects to be linked by the thread of her personal interests and ethos.

The model hopes her future work in fashion will have a positive influence, and help the planet she fears for.

“I think especially for fashion, just influencing a more sustainable industry would be really great,” she said.

“That’s kind of my next thing, to really push that. There’s so much waste in terms of fashion.”

“Fashion is one of the most influential industries in the world, if we can get that to move around in terms of sustainability, I think everyone will follow.”

Delevingne said she now considers herself capable of the multiple projects she has planned, but did not always have the same confidence.

She believes while privacy is vital it is also valuable for celebrities, who are admired and emulated, to speak out on their struggles.

The actress said: “I never even thought of myself as a creative person.

“I didn’t even think of myself as any sort of person, I always had such low expectations and self-esteem.”

“Looking at celebrities when I was younger,” she added.

“You know nothing about them, you look up to these people, you have no idea the journey they’ve gone through, why they do what they do, their struggles.

“Obviously we’re growing up in a time when we know so much more about people.

“There are people in the limelight still hiding a lot. It’s important to keep some things to yourself.

“But I think it’s important to give a message about struggles, and the other side of it.”

Delevingne has plans to delve into directing, and continue her work in fashion and acting, describing herself as a “Duracell bunny”.

Samsung will send the “space selfie” phone to the edge of space from North Dakota this evening, with fans able to send in their own selfies.