The latest contestant to be kicked out of The Apprentice said he was baffled as to why Sir Alan Sugar's aide Margaret Mountford suggested he be fired, joking it was probably because she fancied his team leader.

Majid Nagra, 28, was fired from the business reality TV show after his team Empire lost the task.

The business hopefuls were told to design an innovative piece of fitness equipment and sell it to sports retailers.

Empire, which this week was made up of four men and two women, failed to impress retailers with their multi-purpose fitness creation, gleaning just 500 orders.

Rival team Ignite, made up of four women and two men, sold 10,180 of their invention the 'Body Rocka', winning the task.

Maj was called in to the boardroom with Sir Alan, along with team leader James McQuillan, and Ben Clarke.

Despite the problems with the product, which had been conceived by Ben, on the advice of Margaret, Sir Alan fired Maj, telling him he seemed to be "hanging around not doing much".

Asked why he thought Margaret had described him as a 'passenger', Maj said: "I have no idea. Maybe she fancies James. Maybe if she fancied me she would have been distracted."

Having failed to impress Sir Alan, Maj is focussing his efforts on his car hire company in Coventry and has set up dating website for British-born Asians whose families agree with arranged marriages.