AN architectural installation celebrating the impact of Ordnance Survey mapping has been placed at Wainwright's Inn on the Langdale Estate.

The Ordnance Pavilion, created by Studio MUTT, is the latest interactive installation to open for Lakes Ignite 2018.

Created as a celebration of the Ordnance Survey, which has provided mapping that informs and inspires revealing Britain’s ever-changing landscape, Ordnance Pavilion is all about how those mappings have impacted on our interaction with the landscape.

James Crawford, one of the artists at Studio MUTT said: “The piece is an interactive and semi inhabitable sculpture. We’re really interested in the almost absurd and laborious process that people went through when re-measuring the landscape over roughly 30 years. Something that seems completely alien in our GPS navigated world of today.

“The piece celebrates the world heritage landscape through the lens of the OS Map. As an artefact, the OS map data is perfectly ordinary. But it has been a conduit for our human relationship to the landscape in many ways – it’s geographical conditions as well as the manmade constructions across it.”

The Ordnance Pavilion sits in a quarry – a man made landscape, between the old slate slag heap and a tarn, on the Langdale Estate.

The Lake District National Park was awarded World Heritage Site status for its cultural landscape in July 2017 and the Lakes Ignite commissions are responding to the theme Cultural Landscape.