King's Men, St George's Church, Kendal

THIS ensemble, which consists of seven young men who belong to the renowned choir at King's College Cambridge, have given us a musical treat at St George's Church several times now and we have come to expect a very high standard of performance, writes MARGARET PATTINSON. Once again we were not disappointed.

Their informal, humorous presentation works so well with these fine young singers. Their apparent casualness hides the skill and rehearsal technique which make it look so easy. When do they have time for their academic work!

In the first half we listened to music from Tudor and Elizabethan times with a brief look at Debussy and his luscious harmony in which this ensemble excel.

Their pieces were cleverly arranged for two tenors, two counter-tenors, two baritones and a bass. Some of these arrangements are the result of past 'King's men' with their musical ingenuity.

The junior organ scholar, who evidently sings too, always provides a pleasing diversion; and Donal McCann played two solos, one the Toccata in C by JS Bach and another a Scherzo by Vierne, which aptly showed the colours of this fine, historic Wilkinson organ. Donal's technique was impeccable.

The second half of the evening contained beautiful arrangements of lighter veined music. This showed the ensemble's great skill at singing in close harmony. Their voices blend so well that they sound as one instrument.

It is hard to find anything to criticise and the capacity audience showed well their appreciation and discovered that serious musicians and their music can be fun. Let us hope that the King's Men or future ensembles from King's come again and perhaps give us a few more examples of the sacred works which are part of the wonderful English Cathedral repertoire.