WHEN the play was over there was a huge applause and a few worried faces.

I saw several people with an ‘oh no’ look as they faced up to the truth - this cast were all less than 25 years old. And talented.

The Dukes Young Actors performed a lively, engaging and genuinely funny adaptation of Burying Your Brother In The Pavement, originally written by Jack Thorne, who helped put together tv dramas Skins and Shameless.

Scenes centred on a 14-year-old, whose brother died on a rough estate.

Just as Thorne’s hit tv series revealed quirky relationships, this drama homed in on a family and the odd people they met.

It could have been patronising and morbid but, with a bizarre plot featuring the deceased and a whole host of comic characters, the audience was completely hooked.

Ukeleles, guitars and an unusually mobile set of props made for a visual treat.

However, the main fascination was that the 24 actors were so loud, dynamic and self assured - and so terrifyingly young.