A RUTHLESS female journalist is turned on by actors she has slandered with harsh reviews.

It was a plot to make any reviewer careful with her words.

Luckily, this performance of Ben Elton’s witty script was a pleasure to watch.

University of Cumbria students put on a show ‘in the round’ and my friend and I watched from almost on the sofa as a well acted Dorris Wallace – heavily made up in a clingy dress – flailed, bossed and drank her way around the set.

It was hard not to cringe as performers wove their own devices to teach her the error of her ways.

Her grimy toy boy, dull accountant, prim personal assistant and suspicious producer were caricatures, confidently played.

The play ended, to enthusiastic applause, and we filed out while poor Dorris remained handcuffed to the set – a punishment for her previous lack of sympathy towards the actors.

I felt a twang of injustice but thought better of hanging around.

After all, I’m a journalist too.