For those of you who've forgotten, it's Mother’s Day on Sunday - but fear not! There is still plenty of time to get those cards, flowers, chocolates and why not even push the boat out and make something special at home?

It may be cliche but in my experience it is true - mums are usually the ones slaving away over the stove during the evening and weekend.

Sunday lunch is a classic example, with many poor mothers getting up early to make a start.

So let mum put her feet up this weekend and treat her to some time of her own and a selection of goodies.

There are plenty of ideas in this week’s round-up of great foods to provide you with inspiration for gifts and meals, so there really is no excuse.

For a sweet treat, head to Burton Community Stores for truffles and chocolates. They have a box of Monty Bojangles champagne and raspberry truffles at £3.60, or a smaller box of warming and sweet ginger truffles at £2.49. There is also Divine 70 per cent dark chocolate hearts, or white chocolate and strawberry hearts, both at £3.99.

For cheese lovers, you could try a savoury present from The Courtyard Dairy, near Settle. One member of staff, who shall not be named for reasons of gift secrecy, said he was giving his mum Finn, a triple cream cheese that's soft and Brie-like, coming in at £6.15 for 200g.

They are also selling fresh goats milk Dorstone cheese at £7.80 for 180g, as well as a buttery and rich Hafod cheddar at £25 per kilo.

Hazelmere Bakery, Grange-over-Sounds, are selling sweet bread and pastries that are perfect for breakfast in bed. Try butter croissants at 48p each, choc au pains at 65p each, and homemade honey and spelt loaf at £2.

Elsewhere, Watson and Woollard, Kendal, have beer sausages at £7.95 per kilo, specially made for Alexander’s Annual Ale Festival in April at the Castle Green Hotel, Kendal. The beer in the sausages has been provided by Bowness Bay Brewing.

Back at Grange, Higginsons Butchers have got their topside on special offer at £9.99 per kilo, which is 20 per cent off. This tasty, tender and local beef is ideal for roasting and easy to carve. They also have a new range of mini joints on sale if it is just the two of you, with beef at about £5 and lamb at about £4.

And if you're cooking the main meal this weekend, you''ll find everything you need to complete a meat or fish dish at Growing with Grace, Clapham. They have their own grown leeks at £3.50 per kilo, Russian kale at £1.99 for 250g and chard £1.99 for 250g.

To round off dinner - or even just to accompany a nice cup of tea - visit Baba Ganoush, Kendal, for a raspberry and almond frangipani tart at £1.80 each, a whole lemon drizzle cake at £3.75 and their delicious chocolate brownies which come in a range of flavours and cost between £1.40 and £1.60.