Steven Doherty, Executive Chef at Askham Hall and the George and Dragon, Clifton. Also proprietor at The First Floor Cafe, Windermere.

I joined the team running the George and Dragon in early 2013, and helped set up the main restaurant as well as the wedding barn and cafe kitchens at the sister establishment Askham Hall.

Charles Lowther opened Askham Hall in 2012 with a Kitchen Garden cafe and gardens, followed by a restaurant in 2013.

In addition I also oversee the kitchen at the popular Lakeland’s First Floor Cafe, which me and my wife Marjorie took on in 2005.

Essential Ingredients: Anything in season is absolutely crucial to me and the kitchens I work in. In spring it is asparagus, rhubarb and cabbage.

In summer it is strawberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, salads, and lobster. In autumn it is mushrooms, figs, walnuts and game. And in winter it is root vegetables, coxes and russet apples and venison.

Many of these are grown in the Kitchen Garden at Askham Hall. Game comes from the Lowther (family estate).

Otherwise, the ingredients are sourced from local farmers, where the quality is known to be excellent. This sustainable food philosophy is at the heart of Askham Hall’s ethos.

First kitchen worked in: The first kitchen I worked in was the Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club, while I was studying at Southport College.

First dish I prepared: Beef Stroganoff at home in 1974.

Signature dish: A twice baked soufflé with creamy leeks, Lancashire cheese and wild mushrooms.

Food philosophy: Must be seasonal. Must be simple. Must be what your customers want.

My passion is about down-to-earth cooking and giving people outstanding and honest food.

The emphasis on the food served at Askham Hall is on fresh, quality ingredients.

Much of this produce is grown and reared in the gardens, surrounding fields and woodland at Askham Hall itself, as well as on the 800-year-old family estate.

Biggest kitchen disaster: I’m still waiting, but I have sailed close to the wind on many occasions and managed to pull it off!

My most memorable ‘almost’ was cooking a charity dinner for 100 with only one oven.

My favourite chef: The late Fernand Point – a huge 20 stone chef who cooked at La Pyramide in Vienne, one of the first three Michelin star restaurants in France.

He is known as the godfather of modern cooking and taught Paul Bocuse, Alain Chapel, the Troisgros brothers (the true fathers of modern cooking - they were using sous-vide/vacuum pack in 1983) and many more.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr Point’s widow in 1981 at La Pyramide. Wow!

My biggest influence: Albert Roux, the Roux family businesses and the late Alain Chapel.

My favourite meal: I’ve got three. The first is proper fish and chips cooked in dripping.

The second is a free-range roast chicken with all the trimmings. And the third is chicken tandoori.....mmm!