Garth Waring, Ulverston Golf course Catering supervisor

Essential ingredients

I guess like most chefs it has to be fresh herbs, sea salt and ground black pepper. But for me, another essential must for any chef is getting your hands on good quality meat for which I have a fantastic local supplier in Irvings Butchers of Ulveston.

First kitchen worked in

The first kitchen I worked in was the Conway Hotel in Northern Ireland when I was 15 years old. My chief responsibility was washing pots and pans and I loved every minute of it.

First dish prepared

The first dish I prepared was while I was at college and it was a whole poached salmon. I had to remove the skin and then dress it for a buffet for a prominent Labour MP.

Signature dish

This is a difficult one to choose but I would probably have to say blackened Cajun spiced salmon with wilted spinach on a bed of lightly seasoned tagliatelle.

Food philosophy

I have always believed that catering is easy and only people in catering make it difficult. So my is philosophy always keep things simple and use as many fresh local ingredients as possible.

Biggest kitchen disaster

My biggest kitchen disaster happened when I was working in London. We had a Premier League football team in for a pre-match meal and they were having all the usual healthy stuff such as poached chicken, pasta, baked beans and scrambled eggs. But, five minutes into their meal I noticed some quizzical looks and on questioning them a few of the players said their was some concern about the scrambled eggs. After having tasted a bit I realised the commis chef had used the orange bread and butter mix to make them, though I tried to come up with a valid reason for the flavour I thought honesty was the best approach .

Favourite chef

My favourite chef has got to be Jamie Oliver. I just love his passion and enthusiasm and really admire the way he makes his food come to life on the plate.

Biggest influence

In catering the biggest influence on me has been the general manager at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Ealing, London. He gave me the belief that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. I would also say my college tutor Sarah was another big influence for making cooking fun. And then in life, the biggest influence is my wife for always picking me up when I have failed and my kids for being able to make a grumpy old dad smile!

Favourite Meal

Well this one is easy and I always order it when I go to pubs - the traditional British fish and chips. Not just any fish and chips at that,, I always prefer haddock and love it best alongside delicious homemade tartar sauce.