ICONIC confectionary Kendal Mint Cake is set to have a major rebirth - as an alcoholic liqueur.

The brainchild of Mike Pennington, owner for 30 years of Burgundy's Wine Bar & Brewhouse in Kendal, the idea came to him while mixing cocktails behind the bar.

"I was in a cocktail mixing mood and thought ‘wouldn’t it be good to make something with the flavour of Kendal Mint Cake’," he said. "It is such an iconic brand.”

After getting his hands on a recipe for Kendal Mint Cake two decades ago, he used his mixing skills to create an alcoholic liqueur.

But the word has spread and due to growing demand, a company was set up to market the product across the world.

After growing and distilling different mint varieties and trialling and sourcing unique ingredients, the final recipe was created.

Testing the tipple on his customers to fine tune the peppermint drink, he started bottling it last November.

“We started with just 100 bottles, but they went so well that this month we have produced 10,000 bottles,” Mike added. "Being a Kendal lad, I was brought up with mint cake and I have spent many a happy hour on the fells, munching mint cake with my grandad.”

Already available locally at Made in Cumbria, Kendal, and Low Sizergh Barn, exports have seen the distinctive green beverage make its way to Australia, Switzerland, Thailand and Germany after the liqueur went down a hit at the Speyside Whisky festival.

Kendal Mint Cake has traditionally been produced from peppermint, sugar and glucose for more than 100 years.

It is famous for having been taken to the top of Everest with Sir Edmond Hilary and is used by explorers for its high energy.

Mike said his recipe contained mint, cacao and secret ingredients that were fused with alcohol and sugars.

It is 24 per cent alcohol by volume and comes in 5cl, 20cl, and 70cl bottles.

For more information and to have a try, visit www.kendalmintcakeliqueur.com