A CHIP shop owner has ditched conventional batter for a healthier version of the British traditional takeaway.

Lynn Robson, of Kendal’s first gluten-free chip shop – the Cottage Kitchen, on Finkle Street – says her new batter is ‘lighter, crispier and altogether tastier’.

Lynn thinks her rice flour gluten-free batter is so good she has switched over for good, making all her fish and chip suppers gluten-free.

She said: “We did it originally to serve people who are coeliacs, people intolerant to wheat.

“We were getting a lot of good feedback from people saying it was crispier and nicer than normal batter, so we decided to make everything gluten-free.”

Mrs Robson came up with her recipe through trial and error, until she got the right combination.

“I like to think that we are a forward thinking business and can meet everyone’s dietry needs, but it just so happens that it also tastes better and is a lot healthier for our customers so we wanted to share this with everyone.

“It’s nice to think that we’re helping people out with special diets.”