Something to bring in the New Year – a fine red from Booths, one of its new range of wines being introduced in all stores.

The wine in question is from the designated area of Almansa in south east Spain, known for its big and bold reds. This LAYA 2010, selling at £7.99, is no exception. The appearance is deep and dark and is followed by a nose of clean berries and herbs. The feel in the mouth is of dry dark fruit and herbs with a coffee hint and smooth rich tannins (drying effect in mouth) and with a good length to top it off, this is a wine not to drink alone so pair it with your festive leftovers.

Meanwhile, you can stock up with a sparkling wine to get over the festive blues by Berton vineyards. Aptly named Head over Heels, it is a 100 per cent chardonnay. The twist here is that it is a screw top sparkling wine (new techniques in screw cap and bottle strength have helped this happen).

This extra dry sparkling chardonnay has a nose of toffee apple and leads to a sensation of orange, apple and honey which lingers in the mouth and leaves a nice refreshing zip on the palate – one to start the celebrations and a steal at £7.99 from £9.99.

  • Graeme Hedley is sommelier and expert on food and wine at Kendal College’s Lakes Hotel School