Graeme Hedley is sommelier and expert on food and wine at Kendal College’s Lakes Hotel School

A real bargain for Bordeaux lovers this week and a keenly priced and scrumptious tasting one too.

The wine in question is the 58 Guineas Claret 2010, so called because it cost 58 Guineas to buy a hogs head (barrel) after Britain made peace in 1713.

Bordeaux was always seen as an expensive wine in the 18th Century, and with that it is seen nowadays as an area of great expense and ageing potential. So the wine I have chosen is a youthful, fresh and lively wine with the main grape being Merlot, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

This leaves the wine with a youthful purple colour and a nose of vibrant red fruit and plum, complemented with a medium-bodied fruit-driven palate and finished with lingering taste.

This wine is best drunk young and is ideal with a Sunday lunch.

Available from Windermere/Ambleside Wines at £8.79 a bottle.