FOR Good Friday and the fish lovers among us, I thought a crisp, well chilled white would suit.

The new Booths Gavi Del Comune Di Gavi (2012) straight from the Italian Riviera (Piedmont), a stone’s throw from the town of Gavi itself, fitted the bill nicely. Its nose of pear blossoms and white peaches and the slight zing of lime makes it great alone or with food.

Produced with the cortese grape – the sole grape varietal used for Gavi – the wines made from this grape are not unlike their chardonnay and sauvignon blanc counterparts from northern France.

The wine’s gentle acidity, mineral notes and texture would easily complement a lovely hand dived scallop. Simply pan fry and baste with butter a sprinkle of sea salt and finish with a squeeze of lemon and a small handful of dressed rocket. A great starter for your Easter celebrations or, if you are not a fish fan, then this versatile Italian would pair perfectly with any poultry or a delicate wild mushroom risotto.

Faye Ramsey is a wine connoisseur and owner of the Porto Restaurant in Bowness