WE have opted for a fine local ale this week - Hawkshead Brewery's award-winning Lakeland Gold.

Yellow orange in colour, the British and American hop combo gives pleasant malted and roasted caramel aromas.

Lightly carbonated with fresh grass and fruity flavours, it’s definitely pleasing on palate, hence the fans nickname of 'Gold.'

The flavours really complimented my mushroom wood fired pizza or, if you like your food hotter, try a spicy curry.

Lakeland Gold is available from Plumgarths Farm shop at £2.40 for a 500ml bottle.

Are you an ale fan? If you want to try out more there will be plenty from Hawkshead Brewery on offer at the beer festival in Staveley Mill Yard from July 18-21. I am sure it will make for a wonderful day out.

Faye Ramsey is a wine connoisseur and owner of the Porto Restaurant in Bowness