ALOVELY diverse spirit is this week’s tipple from Strawberry Bank Liqueurs.

Strawberry Vodka is great alone or for all of those cocktail fans among us and it's definitely worth a try. The local company was established in 2001, starting off with its famous Damson Gin and expanding in 2002 – which is when Strawberry Vodka production started.

We made a Strawberry Vodka smash with muddle mint leaves, a sugar cube, fresh strawberries and lime wedge with equal measures of a herby gin and the vodka added, then covered with crushed ice and topped off with soda water.

If you are not a strawberry fan you could always try one of the others in Strawberry Bank Liqueurs range – Damson Gin, Sloe Gin, Blackberry Gin and Blackberry Liqu-eur (whiskey base). The Strawberry Vodka is available in 50cl bottle for £12 or 35cl bottle for £9 when bought online from www. strawberry