Alasdair Elwick is general manager of the Samling, Windermere

Last week I attended a wine tasting in the south. The majority of wines available for tasting were styles of wine that aren't that well known, hence my visit.
After spending a few hours looking and tasting the wines I wished and writing all of my notes up, it was time to leave.
On the way to the exit I was approached my a young lady offering me a chance to taste one more wine, and ‘wow’ I'm glad she approached me.
This wine was a German wine called Carl Schmitt-Wagner from the Mosel Saar Ruwer.
This wine was amazing. It is 100 per cent riesling with flavours of lime and nectarine; it also had hints of peppermint on the finish.
The wine itself had a great balance with just the right acidity, dry, crisp, aromatic German riesling.
Available online for around £7.