SITTING beside two rivers in the Lune Valley, Bridge House Farm, at Wray, makes for an ideal place to have lunch.

If you are keen on gardening or have children to amuse, then this spot caters for both – for next to the stone brick tea rooms is a little garden centre that offers green- fingered enthusiasts a chance to mix a meal out with a touch of shopping.

For the children there is a maze, swings and field to play on before, after and maybe during the meal.

Inside, the tea rooms are decorated with stylish bunting hanging from the ceiling and home-made cakes on the counter. Local artists exhibit their works on the walls and there is also a Bentham designer's clothes on sale.

Apart from all these attractions the place sells brilliant food – and all from local producers.

For my meal I had spicy butternut squash soup with crusty bread. This home-made soup came in a large bowl with loads of bread and had the perfect mix of spice and vegetables.

My husband had the veggie platter which came out with olives, breads, hummus, falafel, and salad.

There was so much of this little buffet on a plate I was able to have some as well. It was a very tasty fresh dish.

At this place it is best to save space for dessert as they are amazing.

Each day freshly baked cakes sit on display tempting diners, and there is also a ‘specials’ option, which is normally something hot.

I had a chocolate brownie. This thick slab of chocolate and biscuit was everything a brownie should be, very crunchy and not too sickly.

The total cost for two main meals and two desserts, excluding drinks, was £16.