After a supremely relaxing couple of days not really doing much, my girlfriend and I decided to go for a bite to eat.

With the weather playing up, we kept it local and sauntered to the Heron – a place that always has a relaxing vibe to it.

That’s probably to do with the fact that the pub is so big and there are plenty of options in terms of choosing where you want to sit, so we had a booth reserved for us where we were able to eat peacefully despite the fact that England were playing football.

I plumped for the prawn cocktail (£4.95) while my other half decided on the chicken goujons (£4.75) and both dishes were excellent.

I even managed all the salad – a rare occurence indeed – because the mayonnaise in the prawn cocktail was beautiful and I didn’t want to waste any.

Sometimes with goujons you get a little bit of chicken and a lot of breadcrumbs, which makes the food appear quantifiably larger than it actually is, but this wasn’t the case at the Heron, with lots of chicken filling the superb breadcrumbs.

I found the garlic mayonnaise a tad strong, but my girlfriend enjoyed it, so perhaps I was just being a bit weak!

The Ultimate burger (£7.95) awaited me for a main and it was absolutely packed with filling. The cheese comple-mented the juicy burger well, while the bacon added the icing on the cake, with some lovely, golden, crunchy chips to accompany the dish.

Sometimes with meals like this, you can go too far with how much bacon and burger you pack between the bread, but this was ideal in my opinion.

After my girlfriend was informed there was no beef lasagne, the hunter’s chicken was her second option – and with bacon and barbeque it was lovely and moist.

It’s worth ringing the Heron up before you go, as we were reserved a table with chocolates, to add a nice touch.

* The total cost for two starters and two mains, excluding drinks, was £27.15.